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By building a network or community across the above sectors, we can ‘raise the bar’ in our fantastic industry.  Learning from maintenance issue to design and build differently; Understanding the design fully so that the construction and horticultural maintenance can fully evolve over time as intended; Learning from each other on how best to apply the newest techniques and learning to use the latest innovative products – so we can all shine.

Pro Landscaper builds this community and communicates with these landscape professionals in three ways: email + website + social media, printed + digital magazines, and a yearly event to engage + inspire.  All of these are free to qualified landscape professionals in our region.  If you aren’t in the region, contact us for more information to get involved.  Stay tuned and get involved!!  We will be growing to other regions soon….


Angelique Robb graduated from Louisiana State University in Petroleum Engineering, working in the oil industry for many years in the USA and the UK.  In 2008, she qualified as a landscape designer and launched a design and build company, Papillon Designs and Landscaping Ltd in Scotland, UK.  Since then she has built up the company into a national award-winning practice that also maintains gardens that the company has built.  She is passionate about the industry and was a reader of Pro Landscaper magazine from the time it launched in the UK in 2011 and a FutureScape attendee – she knows first-hand what impact this brand and its values can have on the industry.  Therefore in 2020, she became Managing Director of the Pro Landscaper USA South region.  The website and social media were launched in May 2020 with the magazine in print and digital format launched in January 2021 with 6 issues per year.  The inaugural FutureScape event will take place March 24, 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

 Angelique Robb, Managing Director




Mary Kate Carson is a journalist and media producer. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BA in Journalism and Communications in 2016, then began her career in the broadcast news industry. Mary Kate worked as a lead writer and newscast developer for several TV stations, starting in South Bend Indiana, then advancing to Dallas, Texas. She used compelling storytelling and video/graphic design to inform and educate over a million viewers each day. Mary Kate joined Pro Landscaper USA as the Production Editor in April 2021. Pro Landscaper gives her the opportunity to follow her passion for sharing stories and ideas, with the goal of elevating and connecting the landscaping industry. 

Mary Kate Carson, Pro Landscaper USA Editor


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