Southern City Ditching Gas Tools

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Associations, Environment, News, Products, Technology

The first sites in the southern U.S. to achieve Green Zone certification are all in Alabama

The American Green Zone Alliance awarded four public areas of the city of Mountain Brooke, Alabama the Greenzone certification in early June.

The AGZA awards the distinction when the owners or overseers of an outdoor space commit to transition away from using gas-powered maintenance equipment.

It can take years for property maintenance crews to replace equipment with battery or electric tools. There are several steps to make the switch.

Apart from the obvious, the purchase of new equipment, crews must also compete tasks like extensive machinery training and building new infrastructure for equipment housing.

Property managers also go through training courses. The AGZA requires them to understand the purpose and benefits of electric/battery powered tools.

The AGZA says switching to battery or electric tools can drastically reduce the cost of operations.

These machines do not need oil, gasoline, or tune ups. They also tend to improve effeciency.

Cities that come to the AGZA for help with this transition are typically responding to public complaints about noise and harmful emissions coming from gas powered equipment.

Gas leaf blowers alone now have more than 200 bans and restrictions in the United States, all because of noise.

Noise is one of the main reasons leaders of Mountain Brooke reached out to the AGZA. They already spent roughly $28,000 on the transition project.

The AGZA says the investment will be well worth it.


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