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by | Dec 10, 2021 | Associations

Tips for Making Your Poinsettia Shine Through the Season and Beyond

Few plants are as iconic as the poinsettia. The eye-catching blooms are a holiday tradition around the world. But the blooms aren’t a flower at all, they’re actually the leaves, or bracts, of the plant. Poinsettia are native to Central America, and in 1825, those stunning red leaves captured the attention of the United States ambassador to Mexico. A century later, the poinsettia was brought to market as a Christmas season plant in the U.S.

Today, red is still the most popular color, making up about 80% of all the poinsettias grown. Breeders around the world are developing new varieties that offer more color choices for holiday décor. Shoppers can choose from brilliant whites, deep burgundy hues, sparkling pinks, and a number of other specialty colors. 

Time to ask The Experts!

The team at the national garden bureau explains how to choose, water, place, and save this holiday’s plants.

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