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ASLA Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Invest in Greenspace Programs

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Associations

Representatives from the Association of Landscape Architecture are encouraging lawmakers to work with landscape architects to implement greenspace building techniques in public projects, including roads, schools, and parks. They are also asking for a funding increase and expansion of several ecologically-based programs.

ASLA Fellow and Senior Landscape Architect Kevin Robert Perry said landscaping industry professionals are innovating new infrastructure design strategies to eliminate unsustainable water removal practices. He testified before congress in April, explaining how slow water removal can damage ground stability, causing sewage buildup and pollution. This effectively hurts the community and environment.

Perry also explained that green infrastructure projects are investments in cities, especially low income areas.

He said according to a study by the economic research group “Green for All” , a $188.4 billion dollar investment in storm water management could generate roughly $265 billion in economic activity, and create nearly 2 million jobs.

The ASLA asked congress to support and expand policies that prioritize green infrastructure projects. Read the full testimony on the ASLA website.

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