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Prioritizing Patients

by | Apr 21, 2022 | Build, Design, Projects

Creating a peaceful space around a southern children’s hospital.

Each landscape is different. Every small detail reflects the unique creativity and tastes of the designers, builders, maintainers, growers and clients. Dozens of vibrant colors can be featured in a blooming flower bed, intricate patterns and designs paved onto sidewalks or patios, even thousands of trees spread across many acres of property. No matter the feature, though, every outdoor space has a shared purpose to provide a better human experience. 

When Chase Mullin and his team started work on Children’s Hospital New Orleans, experience was one of their first priorities. They started working at the site nearly a decade ago. Then, in 2017, they became an integral piece of the hospital’s largest expansion project in its history. The $300 million investment redesigned infrastructure, technology and landscapes across the campus, which is well over 20 acres. The project added a 28-room cardiac intensive care unit, 12 operating rooms, 45 emergency rooms, an extended cancer center and space for updated medical equipment for MRIs and CT scans. New outdoor areas featured improved family housing units, playgrounds, gardens and green spaces. 

Developers set the project in motion in 2017. It didn’t wrap up until three years later, though, due to the complexity of the plans, pandemic challenges, material shortages, staffing issues and other factors facing the construction industry as a whole. In all, it took roughly 1,500 working days to complete the entire process. Mullin started the landscape overhaul in 2021. A separate group planned the architecture, and Mullin teams brought those plans to fruition. 

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