Looking Sharp: Choosing Company Uniforms

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Excerpt from the NALP Blog

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but whether you like it or not, first impressions do matter.

If you only have one opportunity to convince a potential client of your professionalism, the last thing you want is inadequate uniforms undermining your efforts.

Doug Delano, LIC, co-owner of Level Green Landscaping, based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, says he cannot imagine running a customer service business where they are working on customers’ jobs and not have their employees in easily identifiable uniforms.

Level Green supplies pants, shirts, jackets, hats and either face masks or gaiters for their crews.

Delano says they supply new employees with three pairs of pants, five shirts, a jacket, a hat and a gaiter or face mask.

Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care, based in Centerville, Ohio, provides their technicians with pants, long sleeve shirts, boots, a winter jacket, a light jacket, hats and all the PPE that they are required to use.

Operations leader Craig Gerken says they provide temporary uniforms to new hires and get uniforms specific to their sizes on their first day, along with taking them to get their boots so they are fully prepared for their in-field training.

At Ground Works Land Design, based in Cleveland, Ohio, the articles of clothing that make up their company uniform are constantly being tweaked.

“Because we have year-round employees, and we offer snow removal services, we have to think in terms of the four different (Midwest) seasons and not just focus on the warmer months,” says Tony Nasrallah, president and founder of Ground Works Land Design. “We also like to give our employees different pairing options – so as long as they’re wearing clothing that says Ground Works on it – they can mix and match.”

Currently, the Ground Works consists of a Dri-fit collared short sleeve polo, a cotton/elastane blend collared long sleeve shirt, a hooded windbreaker and/or bomber jacket, a baseball hat and an Anorak pullover water-resistant down jacket for the winter crew.

Their new employees receive three of the polos, two long sleeve shirts, one windbreaker and/or bomber jacket, one hat and one pullover for the winter crew.

Nasrallah says they’ve always made a point to offer athleisure clothing that looks good and performs well, compared to the uncomfortable cotton shirt some employers provide.

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Cover Photo: Inside Out Landscape Design, Frankfort, KY


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