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Ways to invest in your team, by the Jeff Mcmanus Group.

We Don’t Have Time To Do Training!

Have you ever said this? I have plenty of times.

In the urgency of the moment, it is almost ridiculous to even think that training will happen.

The cycle of construction, school starting and projects rushed to completion seem to always take priority over training.

Middle-level managers and frontline leaders are some of the busiest people I know.

Have you ever thought that one day you would get around to doing some training? Me, too.

“We tried training once, but it didn’t work.”

I have always felt like good, practical training was useful and increased productivity.

Hearing a frontline supervisor use or repeat something he/she learned is a win for me.

I am always encouraged to see frontline leaders grow in their abilities and people skills due to training.

It took me a while to figure it out, but not everyone comes to a leadership position with the full understanding of how to lead, especially if they were recently promoted from a frontline worker.

The temptation is to think, “I don’t have time to train,” but in reality, good training pays out big time.

Good training that is tailored to fit your needs can go a long way in motivating employees, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

I have used many techniques, tricks and bribes over the years in order to motivate employees, but what seems to work best is a constant reminder of how important their role is to our team.

People appreciate sincere training that relates to them. This can be as simple as in-the-field 10-minute reviews or more formal classroom development.

I am grateful my bosses have supported training for our frontline staff, leaders and managers.

If it were not for the opportunities to train, some of the staff would still be stuck in entry-level positions with no place to go.

Because of training, four of our major areas are managed by staff that started out as frontline entry-level workers. I can’t say that training has always been easy or convenient, but it sure has paid off.

When I attended a George B. Wright training seminar years ago, George talked about duplicating yourself in others.

I think hearing him say that while sitting next to the frontline supervisors who work with me gave us common ground to really start intentional training.

It was after George’s formal training sessions that day that our small team of leaders met outside at the hotel pool to discuss the day’s session.

Little did I know at the time that this unscheduled, impromptu meeting by the pool would be pivotal to our success.

It was there that we started to gel as a team and began to focus on what we needed to do to be successful.

There never seems to be enough time to do training, nor is one training session really going to totally turn it all around.

However, we cannot afford not to invest in training to make our people better and, in return, more productive.

I heard John Maxwell say once, “What is worse than training our staff and have them leave, is to not train our staff and have them stay.”

Jeff McManus is Director of Landscape Services at Ole Miss, a keynote speaker, webinar leader and author of the book Growing Weeders into Leaders. Visit


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