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Turning Your Backyard into the Ultimate Outdoor Working Space

It is no surprise that creative home office solutions are growing in popularity.

People are working and studying remotely, and when given the opportunity to work from anywhere, you might as well make the best of it.

We’ve seen makeshift card tables and countertops become outdoor desks.

You can build a temporary outdoor office that later becomes a versatile outdoor space, or you can continue working there indefinitely.

Renson-Outdoor says a key element of an outdoor office though, is a shady pergola.

If you do not already have a covered porch of some kind, start by providing some mild to serious cover from the elements.

A pergola, a shade/cover providing archway (click here for a more detailed explanation of what makes a pergola a pergola), is ideal for an outdoor office due to its versatility and minimalist design.

For moderate climates, a standard backyard can provide adequate shade for the occasional zoom meeting or email session outside.

In order to create a true outdoor office space, however, you will want some enhancements to ensure proper protection from the sun and other elements.

A soft, retractable roof can add additional shade.

Adding sliding doors or a side screen can help keep the glare off your laptop screen.

Glass walls or other siding adds climate control or protection from light wind, bugs, or precipitation.

Follow the link to learn more about seating, desks, and extra touches.

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