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Water Management Solutions

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Build, Business, Design, Environment, Equipment, Plants, Products

Lex Mason talks about the smart irrigation technology that transforms water usage techniques.

The average landscape maintenance contractor manages 150 irrigation systems for clients. Some teams manage over 1,000. This is especially common in 8-plus month growing  season markets, like the South. In most  cases, irrigation controllers are scattered on  properties across town and crews monitor  them by driving to each individual system.  This time-consuming task quickly weighs on  a busy team. The systems also suffer when  controllers aren’t adjusted to factors like  rain, temperature and time of year. Above all  though, this design wastes a lot of water. In  just one year, the water wasted at an average  commercial property is the same amount that  would provide clean drinking water to 200  families in a developing country. A Texas based company wants to end this habit and  create a new standard for irrigation. 

Save Water. Give Life. This is the purpose behind Weathermatic, a worldwide provider of automated water management solutions. The company manufactures irrigation control tools, like weather sensors, sprays and nozzles, and smart control systems that can  be managed from any location. Weathermatic has installed more than 750,000 systems across 85 countries, in total saving 20 billion gallons of water. The company has been a key layer in the irrigation industry since it  launched 75 years ago. It developed tools like  the first reverse flow valve, MPR spray nozzle, commercially available electric controller, and  soil moisture sensors for irrigation.  

“Our goal probably started more as a purist–we  want to help fight the world water crisis. Our  initial proposition was to say to a landscape  owner, ‘The cost of water is skyrocketing  across the U.S. as more infrastructure issues  happen. We are a water management company with an answer,” says Weathermatic’s  President Lex Mason. 

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