Breaking down the new and the old by the NALP

Battery technology isn’t new to the industry, but if you’ve been mulling over making a shift in recent years, you might still be hesitating due to confusion over the various specs.

Determining the power of a battery product isn’t as clear-cut as looking at the horsepower on a gas product.

“Every manufacturer is boasting about different things like voltage,” says Jack Easterly, a product manager at the Husqvarna Group.

“You should never look at just voltage-specific battery tools, for example.”

Easterly will give attendees a better understanding of battery technology during his session “Battery Tools and Technology: Nothing is New, Except Everything” during LANDSCAPES 2021 on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Easterly says he understands the upfront cost of batteries is significant and says his session will help landscape operators feel more confident in their buying choices.

In this session, you will learn the difference between voltage, capacity and energy, and find out which specification tells you the most about product performance.

He will also cover the history of battery technology, how it had developed and how it might work (or not) for your lawn and landscape business.

He will also cover how different battery construction impacts how batteries are built and why the industry shifted to lithium-ion.

Easterly says there is a method to the madness of all the different voltages on the market.

Click here to learn more information about battery-powered equipment and how to register for LANDSCAPES 2021 in Louisville!

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