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Partnership with a Purpose

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Build, Featured Slider, Horticulture, Magazine, Maintain, Plants, Projects

Tampa Jesuit High School and ASI Landscape Management

Each morning, school bells ring out to summon hundreds of young men to class at the Jesuit High School in Tampa, Florida. Their footsteps tap across the campus grounds as they walk by historic buildings, handmade statues and strong bronze gates. The school campus is one of 50 Jesuit high schools in the United States. Each is rooted in Catholic tradition, dedicated not just to education, but helping students develop spiritual connections and seek a higher purpose in life. 

Jesuit uses a high standard of excellence to maintain its legacy and expects its campus to reflect that. This is why the school’s leader, Rev. Richard Hermes, personally selected the group who maintains the grounds. ASI Landscape Management in Tampa is responsible for the sharp grass lawns, full garden beds and vibrant colors spotted all over Jesuit. Team members begin each week on campus, updating the landscaping long before anyone arrives. The polished grounds welcome students and staff members to school. In addition to horticultural services, the team manages irrigation and enhancement projects—anything it takes to support the long Jesuit tradition of excellence.

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