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Back Yard Blend

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Design, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Projects

Edenscapes Landscape and Horticulture tells of the different landscape styles combine to form unique Lafayette yard.

Diversity is a unique feature of southern landscapes. Areas of the south are formal, modern, western, tropical, or even a combination of each. Landscapes can embody any of these themes, depending on the taste of the owner, community, designer and maintenance teams. No matter what style is chosen, each can still flow with the existing ecosystem. The crew who built a Louisiana back yard creatively wove several landscape styles together to build a sustainable, lasting outdoor space. 

Edenscapes Landscape and Horticulture is a design, build and maintenance firm in Lafayette, La. They took on this project when a friend of the owner, Chap Gary, approached them with a simple request. 

“The owners, John and Becky Williams, said, ‘We want to work with somebody that can take the time and put in the details. We want them to do what needs to be done, the right way,’” says Chap.

The team rose to the challenge. They focused on dozens of tiny details to build this unique space, beginning with pieces that aren’t even seen above ground. 

“The final elevations of the land had not been done yet, so we had to determine elevations for drains,” says Chap. “Some looked like they were going to be sticking up out of the ground, some were going to be underground. We had to be sure that once the project and final grades were done, it all made sense.”

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