Plant a Butterfly Garden

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Horticulture, Projects

Matt Cook with Purple Care explains why now is the perfect time to plant a Butterfly Garden

Matt Cook Purple Care Fort Worth, TX
Matt Cook Purple Care Fort Worth, TX

A recent survey by Axiom found some interesting information about how homeowners are behaving in the post COVID-19 world.  Since most people are working from home these days, many people are looking for outlets to escape into the great outdoors.  People are buying kayaks, bikes and hiking gear at record numbers; State and National Park usage is at an all-time high! 

In Douglas W. Tallamy’s recently published book: “Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard,” he discuss how we can recreate the look and feel of the State and National Parks in our backyards.  One great way to start is by planting a butterfly garden.

As many of you know, butterfly populations are dwindling. We have contributed to this problem with the overuse of non-native and invasive plant species. This was not done intentionally. Please hear me out, I am not trying to “social shame” anyone over this, I just mean this as a reminder to think about how to educate our clients. 

In our Post COVID-19 World people are interested in learning ways to partner with nature. Why not consider educating your clients about the importance of establishing small nooks in their next landscaping project that will allow butterflies to thrive and flourish?

Educate your customer about how they can include their children and their grandchildren watch in amazement at the lifecycle of the butterfly. This shows your client that you are interested in taking care of the planet and being a good steward.   You’re also interested in and helping their families to put down their digital devices and have reasons to go explore their outdoor spaces.  

When designing new landscaping consider the butterflies. The Monarch Butterflies migrate through the United States every year and they need our help. Their numbers are declining rapidly. If we take a few simple steps, we can help rebuild their populations. 

Tips for building the perfect Monarch Habit

  • Get your kids and grandkids involved
  • Designate a small area to focus on
  • Install something to collect a shallow pan of water that will allow them to have a drink
  • Plant Milkweed
  • Plant a variety of Native Flowering plants
  • Plant Gregg’s Mist Flower

Start small and plant a few items off this list every year. It will not happen overnight, but the butterflies will eventually find it.  

Here is a list for most areas in Texas and much of the South. Check your Climate Zone Map for greater detail about what will grow best in your climate zone. 


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