Forecasting trends can be as important for businesses just as sales and business analytics.

By forecasting trends, companies can stay ahead of the competition, discover customer wants, and ultimately drive sales.

The 2022 Garden Trends Report, From Crisis to Innovation, from Garden Media Group, outlines the shift in the green industry and beyond.

Moving beyond ‘The Great Reset’ of 2021, the 2022 Report guides us through the customer mindset to understand the best green products and services needed in this post-pandemic lifestyle.

“We’re done holding our breath in anticipation of what will happen to green businesses,” said Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group. “Our industry has grown exponentially, now is the time to make big moves to keep this new customer. The 2022 trends show a bright future for garden brands.”

Here is a sampling of the eight trends that will shape the future, according to Garden Media:

Creator Class

In 2022 it will be innovators who emerge ahead of others and maintain the economic recovery. These leaders are the Creator Class, and research shows they are leaving steady jobs for ‘passion projects’ and shaping their future as individuals on their terms. Collaborate with this group on new products and share in their social reach.


The quick change to virtual demanded everyone to adjust and improve. Every sector pivoted, including shopping via social media. Shoppertainment allows companies to sell online via social media platforms to reach new audiences. Landscape companies can similarly drive interest with virtual events, online educational classes, and product showcases to inspire and empower customers.

Zoning Board

Home improvement projects show no sign of slowing down, indoors and out. Zoning is the latest trend – creating unique spaces pertaining to each need of work and play. And front yards are booming. To react to this trend, position curb appeal services, plants, and products suited for front yards. 

Bridging the Gap

The 18.3 million new gardeners gained during the pandemic need access to basic knowledge, easy-to-grow plants, and customizable products. Bridging the gap for beginners, growers, landscapers, and green industry leaders will guide new customers to success. Be sure quality is top of mind with this new customer, and don’t overwhelm them with too many choices.

Living Television

Many discovered – or rediscovered – birding last year. Sales of feeders and feed are projected to hit $2.2 billion in 2021. Make it easy for new bird enthusiasts by sharing which plants feed birds in all three seasons. Provide plant lists and guides, lead birdwatching walks, or simply promote wildlife-friendly gardening.

On-Demand Flowers

Flowers are the new hugs. In times where hugging and personal contact is limited, people show their appreciation by giving flowers. The act of both giving and receiving flowers triggers the feel-good hormones in our brains. To capitalize on the cut flower trend, showcase how gardens and lawns can be turned into sharing gardens, teach clients the best flowers for cutting gardens, and share cut flower arrangement suggestions.

Wild Curation

New research shows that one in five of the world’s plants – 4,400 in the U.S. – are at risk of extinction. Plants – and their incredible diversity – make life possible. This is why there will be a demand for a renewed focus to prevent further plant extinctions. Growers are vital in helping these plants thrive. Landscapers are key in getting them to the customer. Both rare-plant nerds and houseplant tenders flexing on social media are next to bring into the conservation fold. The conservation movement can tempt these gardeners.

In Living Color

The most anticipated trend each year is the hue that’s catching the consumer’s eye. This year the color is clover, representing the first sign of spring, renewal, and rebirth. Use this trending color in design elements; work shades into new collections, marketing collateral, and more.

Garden Media Group has published its highly anticipated Garden Trends Report annually since 2001. The firm offers information about trends in various formats, including a free annual report and a YouTube series. The 2022 Garden Trends Report is available for free download now. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for trend updates and industry news.   

Garden Media Group ignites buzz for clients, offers innovative public relations campaigns, and secures top media placements and partnerships. The boutique PR and marketing firm is known as the best in the home, garden, horticulture, outdoor living, and lawn and landscape industries. The annual Garden Trends Report is one of the most published garden studies in trade and consumer news. Click here for more information.

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