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by | Jan 14, 2021 | Featured Slider, Latest, People

You’re gonna want to hear this!

Mississippi native and BlackLAN founder Glenn LaRue Smith has just launched a new podcast. From interviews with experts across the profession to explorations of the thought process behind local parks, and everything in between, his podcast discusses the people, places and history behind the profession of landscape architecture.

Glenn is featured in our first magazine, which comes out in January.

In 1974, Glenn became the first African-African graduate of Mississippi State’s landscape architect program. In 1997, he became a Loeb fellow at Harvard University’s School of Design—the first black landscape architect to earn the honor. While he has excelled academically and professionally, he recalls how he felt as a young student—the feeling of standing out and needing to prove his skills and worth. He couldn’t help but wonder how his black peers were doing in the industry. So in 2012, he started BlackLAN, an online network for black landscape architects.

In 2020, BlackLAN became a 501c3. BlackLAN works to recruit black students to the field of landscape architecture, raise awareness of diversity issues within the profession and foster the impact of Black practitioners in landscape architecture.

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