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5 Ways a Landscaper Can Serve Their Client During Hurricane Season

Hurricane Laura is coming toward Lafayette, Louisiana—the home office of Pro Landscaper USA South. And it happens to be named after me. Hurricane storm prep is nerve-wracking, from securing the house, stocking up on groceries and planning for the absolute worst (as if COVID weren’t bad enough!).

I was in the middle of making my to-do list for the week, when I got a text message from my landscaper Chris, wanting to know if I needed anything before the storm hits. His thoughtfulness meant a lot and made me feel a little less helpless.

Chris Thigpen in Lafayette, Louisiana!

I wanted to share this story as a testament to relationship building, customer service and good communication. A landscaper is more than a worker, but a trusted partner and friend. Many times, you know more about your client’s property than the client.

If you run a landscaping business and your area is impacted by a storm, here are some things you can do:

  1. Check in with your client before a storm 
  2. Remind them to make preparations: secure loose items, drain the pool, sandbag low-lying entrances, etc.; if your client is elderly or disabled, offer to help 
  3. After the storm, see if they need help picking up debris or removing tree limbs
  4. Be a one-stop shop: If you don’t offer the service, partner with someone who does—like a licensed tree surgeon
  5. Go above and beyond and gain a lifetime customer 

Louisiana Storm Update, Friday, August 28

Hurricane Laura made landfall early Thursday morning in Cameron, about 80 miles from our offices. Our hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana fared pretty well, much better than our neighbors to our west. Here are photos between my house and Angelique’s.


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