Little Interview With Jamie Pate

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Jamie Pate, VP of Atlanta Operations for Jerry Pate Company

What inspired you to get into the industry? I grew up around golf with my dad and family. I was always intrigued with golf course architecture, agronomy and turf maintenance. While attending golf tournaments as a child with my family, I’d be more interested in talking to the maintenance crew and course superintendent than watching the tournament. After graduating from undergrad at Florida State University, I went to work for our design team working in golf course design, and then migrated into landscape design. After several years, I went on the road selling Club Car and then Toro equipment for our sales team.  In late 2012, my wife and I moved to Atlanta to work with the Atlanta and Georgia operations.

What’s your company’s focus? As a distributor and service provider of outdoor products, turf maintenance equipment and irrigation products, as well as landscape and golf design services, our broad spectrum of services remains focused on our team, customers and vendor partners. It can be challenging at times to make everyone happy, but customer care and satisfaction have a huge emphasis across our team and organization.  Our customer base varies from turf equipment dealers, golf courses, sports facilities, schools and universities, municipalities, to contractors.  Along with a wide portfolio of premier vendors and allied partners, we are a proud distributor for Toro equipment and irrigation, Club Car, Echo and Shindaiwa handheld equipment, Rain Bird res-com irrigation and many others.

What’s the best part of your job? The best part of my job is working with a great team across the entire organization on a daily basis, as well as an awesome group of customers. Our customer base is very diverse; we work with municipalities, universities, sports organizations, independent dealers and golf courses, and all of these customers have a range of people at them all. Every day is different. 

Why should people go into the business? People should do what they love and not be focused on what is going to make them the most money.  With many people being focused on undergrad and graduate degrees after high school these days, there is a significant need and importance for trade and vocational jobs.  The outdoor and greenspace industry plays a very important role in the lives of people all over the world.

What has the quarantine taught you? I’ve been tasked with leading our COVID-19 response since the first week in March and have been heavily focused on reading, absorbing and communicating information effectively across our organization, as well as to our customers. We have had to make many calculated decisions and safety measures, from social distancing, disinfecting work areas, having many team members work from home, to limiting customer access to our branches.  The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that communication is key, whether that be with our own team, vendor partners or our external customers. Their safety has been our top priority, and I’ve strived to be consistent and clear with communication.

What’s your happy place? Anywhere with my wife and our two kids—whether that’s on the boat, up in the mountains or being down in my basement recording studio; playing the guitar, keyboards and drums is very therapeutic for me. 

The Jerry Pate Company employs 135 people with offices in Atlanta, Pensacola, Birmingham and Memphis.


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