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The Little Interview

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Industry News, People

Pro Landscaper asked rapid questions to gain a little insight from people who make up our industry.

This is what Jennifer Myers (Executive Director, NALP Foundation & Senior Director, Workforce Development) had to say…

If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing?

-Coaching women’s college basketball.  I’ve coached girls from 5 to 15, as either a volunteer in rec leagues or as a paid high school coach. If I hadn’t found this industry I love so much, I would have seriously considered coaching as a full time job.

What would you blow your budget on?

-Makeup, indoor plants and pots, travel

Best trend you are seeing.  

-Outdoor living spaces being frequently and fully utilized.  Also, a more concerted effort to include native plants and others that do well in your area.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally?

-Sexism and ageism. Early in my landscaping career (20+ years ago), after a recent promotion, I had a senior male manager tell me I wasn’t qualified for the role because I was: 1) too young, 2) too inexperienced (hadn’t paid my dues) and 3) a woman. This man actually said, to my face, nonchalantly in the office kitchen, that one of the reasons I wasn’t ready to lead was because I was a woman.  I was so very fortunate to work for a manager at the time who I felt comfortable sharing this episode with and who supported me in my role (and assured me I was very much qualified).

Best piece of trivia you know?

-Anything and everything about pop culture.  But don’t ask me what I ate for dinner last night.  No idea. 

Couldn’t get through the week without…

-Coffee, NY Times crossword puzzle, cuddles from my family and pup, whatever book I’m reading…

Your most used saying or cliché

-Happy to help!  (I really am!) “

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