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The Native Plant Horticulture Foundation recommends alternative to Nandina.

Nandina Domestica, Heavenly Bambo

The Nandina Domestica is an invasive plant in the southeastern U.S.

Its berries contain cyanide and other alkaloids that poison wildlife and pets.

AlterNATIVE Choice: Itea Virginica, Sweetspire

Prized for its showy white flower clusters, colorful fall leaves and general hardiness. Flowers are fragrant and provide nectar for butterflies and other pollinators. Foliage provides cover for birds and other wildlife.

The shrub softens the edges of hardscaped areas.

Mix the plant into shrub beds and along the edges of ponds, drainage swales and wetland depressions.

It easily spreads its form with multi-stemmed and arching branches.

Other characteristics:

  • Deciduous to semi-evergreen
  • 3′ to 8′ high and 2′ to 5′ wide
  • Occurs naturally in moist, acidic soil, but adapts to drier conditions
  • Grows in shade to full sun

Consult local native plant resources for best selection in your area.


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