Four Fertilizers To Try Now

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Horticulture, Maintain, Materials, Plants, Products

Greene County N-Ext

Get your turf established and ready for summer. Greene County’s N-Ext line is ideal for heavy rain and N-Ext Air8 Liquid Aeration increases drainage in tightly bound soils.

For low-density turf, N-Ext RGS Soil & Plant Formula will help drive roots and get grass standing tall.

Huma-Iron by Dr. Jimz

Huma-Iron adds the carbon, humus and trace minerals back into the soil for a higher quality lawn and greener grass. Huma-Iron can safely be applied during the extreme heat of the South.

It does not contain high doses of nitrogen that burn carbon out of soil and create problems for lawns.

Espoma Plant-Tone

The Espoma Company produces organic fertilizer from a blend of natural materials available near the company’s location in New Jersey.

The natural and organic fertilizer is ideal for flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs. It yields blooms with vibrant color, grows larger plants with deeper green foliage, and creates long-lasting, slow-release feeding.

Earth Safe Organics by Vital Earth

Earth Safe Organics products are made from 100% natural organic materials, perfect for environmentally conscious lawn and garden enthusiasts.

Organic growing builds soil through composting and recycling waste materials. It ensures a healthier ecosystem and reduces nitrogen inputs near rivers.

Apply Bat Guano to gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees and grass for stronger roots, stems and vegetable yields.


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