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New Product: HillSide Planters

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Products

A Simple Solution For Planting Hillsides, Slopes and Banks

Soil erosion, water runoff and mudslides are serious problems and the land found on steep inclines is frequently unplantable. This was the situation Colleen Talbert, a gardener in Thousand Oaks, California, found herself in.  She checked with a number of industry professionals and their recommendations were to install a series of retaining walls or terraces into the hillside. This was going to be a large, expensive project, one that Colleen, didn’t want to face.  So, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,”Colleen got busy, gave her problem a lot of thought and developed and patented the Hillside Planter.

Hillside Planters terrace the plants and not the hill. The planters are available in small quantities for home gardeners or larger ones for commercial landscapers, municipalities or other government departments. They install quickly and are great for handling a wide variety of plant sizes, from the smallest ones up to five gallons.  Hillside Planters promote strong plant growth and to reduce erosion and secure soil stabilization.  Once in place, they allow water to reach a plant’s roots, while reducing both runoff and watering costs.

Hillside Planters are an inexpensive solution for growing vegetables or other plants on otherwise unusable land or quickly reestablishing vegetation on burned out areas.  They can be used for reforestation and habitat improvement.  Proudly made in the USA.

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