Pizza Oven Debuts in US

by | Jan 2, 2021 | Products

SPONSORED CONTENT: DELIVITA’s award-winning pizza ovens are now available in the US

When American business woman Lisa DeCarlo heard about the British-made DELIVITA wood-fired ovens, she knew there would be a big demand in the US.

DELIVITA is unique to what is currently available in our market, and I  love how it innately brings family and friends together at a time we need it most,” she says. 

With the pandemic keeping more and more people at home, American homeowners are investing in outdoor spaces, devoting more time to cooking and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle. 

“The DELIVITA wood-fired oven fits perfectly into the picture of our adjusted American lifestyle,” she says. “From authentic Italian pizzas to steaks, fish, veggies and bread, you get to rediscover your favorite foods and flavors the European way.”

DELIVITA is the brainchild of Joe Formisano. In 2016, he stepped away from the corporate world to follow his true passion for authentic Italian cooking. He wanted to pioneer an outdoor oven that was both true to his heritage and adapted to a trending lifestyle: fast, portable, versatile, stylish and social.


European Design. DELIVITA is an independent, family-owned, award-winning British brand. Each oven is meticulously handcrafted and shipped directly from the UK to New York for US sales and distribution.

Convenient. After the oven is heated, you can make your own authentic wood-fired pizza in just 60-90 seconds! 

Versatile. Discover your inner chef and smoke, bake or fire up steaks, fish, veggies, barbecue, tandoori and more.

Portable. At just 67 pounds, the DELIVITA can move to different locations in your yard or patio, a friend’s house, or even along on a glamping trip. The DELIVITA can be placed on any surface while cooking—wood or plastic table, concrete or stone.

Safe. The DELIVITA oven was designed with a fiberglass exterior shell that shields from accidental touching while cooking at high temperatures.

Fuel-efficient. Requires four pieces of wood for the average cooking time.

Affordable . Pricing starts at $2,249

For more information, pizza-making tips or to place your order, visit

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