A Louisiana designer uses minimal tools to transform a backyard garden. 

The most defining feature of an outdoor project is arguably space.

Each project is uniquely sized and shaped differently, and designs aim to make the most out of the space given.

Megan Montgomery runs a landscape design firm in Lafayette, Louisiana.

She has worked on projects worth $3,000 and ones worth $30,000, balancing her clients ideas with what the space needs.

One significantly challenging project stands out though.

Megan redesigned a patio that was only about 10 or 11 feet wide by roughly 60 feet long. 

The owner was inspired by Austin, Texas’ relaxed but edgy style, and despite the limited space, Megan created just that. 

“I have to feel the space, I have to feel the client, and I have to feel the architecture.

I want to really understand what is already there, that has to speak to me first.

I want to use that to tell a cohesive story.

I’m not trying to go in any direction other than what fits with what they have already.

What is the energy and what are they trying to get out of this?

Because in all actuality it’s them having to experience it, not me.” 

Megan based her design around a concrete pad coming off the back door.

The pad was cemented into the home’s foundation, so Megan symmetrically scattered similarly sized concrete pads around the area. She also used astroturf and Texas basalt limestone. 

The limestone comes from the Texas Hill Country to create the Austin feel.

The homeowners themselves hauled the rock to Lafayette.

They also helped Megan find and fill potted planters to bring some vegetation into the space.

The mix of turf and pots were perfect for the homeowner who wanted a low maintenance garden.

The entire project only took about 4 days and cost less than $6000.

Megan loves homeowners who seek to understand the character and design of the garden.

She does offer maintenance services, but has many clients who choose to manage their new gardens on their own.

They ask what plants will need what kind of care, and when.

Megan gives thorough instructions to those interested, always encouraging clients to engage with their garden.

“It’s almost a broken record with everybody right now, that they just can’t connect with their yard. I started connecting people back to their property.  It makes an impact and it helps make memories.”

The memories helped launch Megan into the landscaping field.

She calls herself an outdoors girl who connects to nature and people who engage with it. Megan says engaging with the outdoors brings her biggest inspirations.

Project Value ($): $6000
Build Time (time): less than a week
Size of Project (area): 480 square feet

Supplier information (e.g. Lighting from Lighting for Gardens, Paving suppliers, etc)

The Texas Black Limestone came from Austin, Texas and was provided by the client. 

The Astro Turf and poured and framed concrete by Horticare

Wayfair: furniture and troughs  


Live Oak Nursery New Iberia, LA: plant material


Home Depot: 1×1 Concrete Pavers


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