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by | Jul 17, 2020 | Equipment, Latest, Technology

Using Drones for Landscaping Jobs Is a Beneficial Tool

Thanks to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 rule, the use of unmanned aircraft—or drones—for commercial and marketing purposes has increased significantly over the years.

According to, 1 million drones will be sold to the commercial market by 2021. More individuals are moving from solely using drones as a hobby to the commercial side.

Wayne Bailey is the chef pilot with Blue Ridge Mountain Drones. Bailey has seen an increase in the use of drones in the construction and landscaping industry. 

Construction companies use drones to record and send updates to clients that may be living out of town and unable to check on the construction in a timely manner,” he says. “Just recently the owner of a 10-story building wanted an inspection of new windows that were just installed. The company was able to use an unmanned aircraft to document and verify that the install was correct and to fire code.”

“Additionally, drones can help on landscaping jobs,” Bailey says. “Some photos of rock work and gardens just can’t be photographed unless it’s from the air. I flew a job where the contractor was putting in a retainer wall. He was unable to use a camera to get the shot needed to show his client that the work had been performed. He called me, and within two hours, the photos were in the customer’s phone.”

For companies looking to hire a drone company, Bailey recommends making sure they have an FAA Unmanned Aircraft license as well as liability insurance.

Drone Footage for Turf Installation

The Jerry Pate Co. recently designed and worked with Landscapes Unlimited to construct the Dan Yates putting green at Bobby Jones Golf Club in Atlanta. Check out their footage from Mike Williamson at Jerry Pate Company.

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