A Landscaper’s Guide to Social Media

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Business, Latest, People, Technology

Feature Photo: Casey Hendrix

How one Texas nursery and landscaping company leverages social media to stay connected with their customers and increase sales

By Jack Jostes 

When COVID broke out and related government shutdowns started, Casey Hendrix, owner of Tex-Scapes Nursery and Landscape in Ennis, Texas, knew he needed to find a new way to keep in touch with his growing clientbase. With a simple tripod and microphone, he began using his smartphone to produce social media videos. He was surprised to learn just how much traction it gained and how much leverage it granted him as a business owner. 

“Not knowing how we were going to stay connected with our customers, we immediately went to video and social media to help put our customers’ and clients’ minds at ease that we’re here and we’re going to offer our services and our products any way that we can,” Hendrix said. 

Do “Real Customers” Come From Social Media, or Is It a Bunch of Tomfoolery?

When asked if it were “real” clients commenting and engaging with his social media, Casey confidently replied that indeed it was. 

I was surprised to see that our social media following is in fact our real clients, and they look forward to our posts now,” he said. “I wouldn’t think anyone would look forward to seeing me on their smartphone, but they do, and they like to stay connected.”

The Surprising Account Management Benefits to Business Owners on Social Media

As many business owners have experienced with growth, it can be difficult to make as much personal contact with individual customers as it was in the beginning, but social media videos can have a leveraged impact on existing relationships in addition to generating new customers. 

“Many times when I’m out on the nursery trying to help out, when we get overwhelmed here with sales, and then one of my clients will say, ‘I haven’t seen you in awhile.’ I direct them to our Facebook page so they can see me more often,” he says.

What Kind of Social Media Posts Do Customers Want to See? 

“As far as content, we like to put a lot of pictures,” said Hendrix. “And we try to think, ‘What are they looking for? What does a customer want to know?’ They like seasonal information about what looks good now, what they need to plant now, and what’s going on with their lawn.”

“Lately, customers want to know what they can purchase either over the phone or do a curbside parking lot pickup or get a delivery,” he continued. “We post a lot of pictures and even video walk-throughs of our inventory. People are calling in and saying, ‘I want that one-gallon pink bougainvillea, I need four flats of the red pentas’ or whatever it is.”

Check out Tex-Scapes Nursery and Landscape on Facebook and Instagram to see Casey in action, and listen to his full interview on “The Landscaper’s Guide to Modern Sales & Marketing” podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and at ramblinjackson.com/podcast/. 

About The Author

Jack Jostes is the CEO of Ramblin Jackson, a digital marketing agency that helps landscaping companies throughout the country increase their lead generation through local SEO and digital branding. The author of the Amazon Best-Selling book, Get FOUND Online: The Local Business Owner’s Guide To Digital Marketing, Jack hosts the weekly YouTube show + podcast, “The Landscaper’s Guide to Modern Sales & Marketing.” Jack has been featured in Lawn and Landscape magazine, Colorado Green Magazine, Turf Magazine, INC. and other industry publications. He regularly speaks at regional, national and international business conferences including green industry events such as the ProGreen EXPO, the Farwest Show, National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the TNLA’s Nursery Landscape EXPO.

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