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Using New Tech to Fix Old Problems by Bailey Counts

In my experience working with green industry professionals, there are common obstacles plaguing businesses.

Those include: spending too much time doing minute tasks (i.e. creating leads or sending out invoices), losing to competitors, and staying organized in a business that runs on pen and paper. 

The Green Industry is rapidly growing and the best way to overcome obstacles and stand out is the adoption of technology.

The days of using a pen and carbon copy paper are in the past, and you must have an “out with the old and in with the new” mentality. 

Now, how does technology help? 

First, a management software can save you hours on small tasks.

Things like taking down client information or sending out an invoice.

Client information is accessed by typing in a name, or an invoice is sent with one click.

Second, software can help you beat competition.

Studies show: 80% of customers will choose the first proposal they receive, so if you take all day to get your proposal to your customer, your competitor will have already sent one.

Software can build a proposal on the property and send it before you leave the driveway. 

Third, software helps you stay organized.

The problem I hear the most is, “We have lost business due to leads and old proposals falling through the cracks.”

Business on a piece of paper is easily misplaced, but customer and job history on a management software is nearly impossible to lose.

I’d like to end with tips to evaluate Green Industry Software.

First, it needs to be cloud based.

This simply means that you will be able to communicate between the office and the field without skipping a beat.

Next, make sure that you never have to do anything twice.

Avoid software companies that require you to enter information multiple times.

Last, choose a software that is customizable.

This will make software much easier to implement into your Landscaping business. 

Bailey Counts is a Technology Consultant with SingleOps, one of the fastest growing Green Industry software.

To date, Bailey has worked with hundreds of landscape professionals all over the United States to help streamline their business with the adoption of technology.


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